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Integration with Spherical Coordiantes

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For the coordinate transformation

$\displaystyle x = r\sin\vartheta\cos\varphi,\quad
y = r\sin\vartheta\sin\varphi,\quad
z = r\cos\vartheta

we have

$\displaystyle dx\,dy\,dz =
r^2 \sin\vartheta\,dr\,d\vartheta\,d\varphi

Particulary the integral of a function $ f$ on a sphere $ K: \; 0 \le r \le R$ is given by

$\displaystyle \int\limits_K f = \int\limits_0^{2 \pi}\int\limits_0^{\pi} \int\limits_0^{R} f(r,\vartheta,\varphi)r^2
\sin\vartheta\,dr\,d\vartheta\,d\varphi \,.

(Authors: Höllig/Much/Höfert)

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