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General Information


The copyright of the contents provided by Mathematics-Online has the respective author.
For contact addresses refer to staff.


The contents provided by Mathematics-Online, may be used for non-commercial purposes, with sources correctly quoted.
The authors released some of the contents of Mathematics-Online for the use by certain person groups only. These contents are protected by verification of authorization. Unauthorized use of these contents is in violation of copyright law.


The contents of Mathematics-Online have been adjusted to a uniform notation. Thus they can differ from the author's original.


Mathematics-Online provides basic mathematical knowledge for students of the natural and engineering sciences in their first few semesters. The mostly very elementary material is and has been discussed in numerous textbooks in a similar and partly considerably more comprehensive form. The list of references gives a small selection of such sources, which can also be recommended for further studies. Suggestions for additional references, perhaps especially suited for certain topics, are welcome.


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last modified: 8/3/2011